ERP - SAP Solutions


The deep competence of our consultants is the advantage that allows us to be competitive in the service provided to the Customer.

This approach, combined with our honesty and flexibility, is the guarantee for building a long-term partnership.

The consulting services offered by Eurisko S.r.l. cover all phases of a SAP project, from the organization to the final support.

Project preparation

• AS-IS and TO-BE analysis of the implementation strategy
• Compliance with the standards and/or specific regulations of the Customer
• Detection of functional requirements

Project realization

• Functional documentation
• Configuration and development
• Reverse Business Engeenering (RBE)
• Testing
• Data migration
• Manuals
• Training and start-up

Project support

• Maintenance services (AMS)
• Periodic reporting of the projects status


SAP provides many software applications optimized to answer to the business aspects of Companies having different sizes and industries.


Our strength in this sector is based on the experience acquired in Piedmont, our territory of origin. For this reason, Eurisko S.r.l. is able to meet the needs related to all processes linked to the automotive world.
We had and we are having experiences in this industry; we are able to support Companies in the changes that this market requires.


Aerospace manufacturers are faced with an increasingly competitive global market where emphasis must be placed on improving efficiency, reducing construction time and making full use of modern lean manufacturing techniques. Eurisko S.r.l. helps these Companies remain competitive by providing innovative SAP solutions that modernize the automation process.


Over the years, Eurisko S.r.l. has gained various design experiences on Customers of various dimensions, operating in this industry.
The optimization of production was achieved through dedicated SAP solutions, which allow, for example, traceability of the raw material, management of the goods receipt, monitoring of the product profitability, management and disposal of toxic waste and dangerous materials.


Competing in an ever-growing sector with high competition requires a lot of quality and optimized production phases.
Eurisko S.r.l. is an efficient ally to keep up with the market and to support the Customer, increasing its reactivity and facilitating the management of purchasing, suppliers, production chains and all the collateral activities.


To manage all the Business processes, the companies related to the Mass Market Retail sector need to equip themselves with innovative, fast and easy to use IT solutions. It is in fact essential to have tools that allow to make the best decisions before the competition, as well as solutions that allow us to better monitor every type of activity. Eurisko S.r.l. proposes specific technical solutions for this sector, configurable and adaptable to any type of business.


It is possible to use the most advanced technology for companies in this sector, which are an integral part of the production cycle of goods transported, thanks to a technological partner ready to influence the full management of the company.
The consultants of Eurisko S.r.l., having worked in this specific industry, have acquired the ability to analyze and identify solutions aimed to integrate the various management applications.


Eurisko S.r.l. assists its Clients by caring entirely about their business model, also in publishing, which represents a vehicular sector to convey culture and information and where the Customer expectations are oriented towards achieving the absolute quality.


The demand in this sector is stable and constant, rewarding those who know how to keep up with new technologies and know how to renew their offer, especially on machines and equipment, since it is innate in the human culture the search for an ever better level of hygiene and of quality of life. Eurisko S.r.l. can be a trusted partner for those Companies who want to optimize their processes related to computerization.